My Thrifted Finds

by - 3:09 PM

So, last weekend I ventured to Goodwill in hopes of finding all my fall must haves, and I must say, I had a great deal of luck. What's even better is I found two blazers, a Michael Kors shirt, and an amazing belt all for around $20! Even better, my mom brought out some of her old clothes from when she was my age, and I scored some great pieces like the tan pants and fur vest you see below as well as an AMAZING cape that needs a little bit of altering. Now, if only Arizona would cool down so, I can legitimately wear all these amazing garments!

My much needed blue blazer ($10)

My mom's old tan pants (paired with a stripped shirt and blazer also found at goodwill)

Tan blazer ($10) paired with my favorite wedges

The amazing Vintage fur vest (from the 1940's) my mom was given by a friend

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  1. Gorgeous, girl. Love these styles. Vintage is forever chic!