Before Meets After

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The thing I love most about thrifting is how unexpected it can be. I never walk into a GoodWill hoping to find an amazing garment, but there are some forces in life that just draw me to a thrift store on a perfect day. I like to think that its the work of the Fashion Gods. Last Saturday, I was sitting on the couch of one of my friends when her boyfriend walked in and asked, "You guys want to go to goodwill?" Now, I only had $6 on me, but I am never one to turn down a trip to the place where I find some of my favorite pieces of clothing. As we pulled up, we saw the packed parking lot, which can only mean one thing: 50% off day! My sense of joy would have stopped there, but than I found an amazing Camel colored, wool blazer. I knew it needed some work, but it had great potential, so I headed straight to the checkout line. The attendant reads me my total: $2.99. That's right you heard me; I found an amazing blazer for $3. I was ecstatic, so I battled the intense heat of AZ just to be able to put a picture up on here for all of you to see.

The before and after for this is so easy, anyone can do it. The problem with both the jacket and these shorts were that they were awkward lengths. The fix: Stop and roll. I rolled the sleeves on the jacket two times, so it came to about my elbow and I rolled the shorts up once so it was more modern and less 80's.

Just as a side note: This AZ weather makes it very difficult to take pictures in my fall looks.

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  1. I feel the same way about Vegas! Too hot to wear anything remotely fall, but we suffer for fashion. Love this outfit, you can only get away with it on he west coast! I haven't had too much luck thrifting anymore, it's gotten so ridiculously expensive now in Vegas!

  2. well if you ever in AZ let me know!

  3. ohh I love good deals, you definitely can't beat $3! Goodwill = <3