Before Meets After:

by - 10:30 AM

One of my favorite parts about thrift store shopping is trying on clothing that no one else would. I always loving playing dress up, and I try everything on without an intent to buy it. I feel I'm less biased in that sense, and I won't get my hopes up when a garment doesn't work out. I was drawn to this dress because of the ruffles, and the friend I was with told me that I had to try it on, so I did (of course). I really did love it, but there were some tweaks that had to be made.

As always this dress had no waist definition, so that was the first priority on the list. Second, There were too many ruffles. Believe me, I love ruffles as much as the next girl, but they just looked awkward and troublesome on me (disclaimer: Second layer of ruffles already removed in this picture).

For anyone who wants work thrift store frocks: safety pins are your best friend (especially if you are not a master sewer). I pinned the second layer of ruffles back (make sure the safety pin can't be seen). I than took a belt (always have a belt) and put that on my waist, and in two easy steps, this dress is ready to be worn!

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  1. Looks so cool. the dress is awesome!

  2. what a great color! This is what I love about thrifted dresses, put a belt on and youve got a new dress!

  3. I always love your before and after posts, so amazing how something as simple as a belt can change the whole outfit. :)