Lessons Learned

by - 8:45 AM

Yesterday, I learned some important lessons in life:

1.) Always dress to impress because you will never know what life can throw at you.
2.) Dr.'s who drive BMW's are bullies to 19 year-olds who follow the law
3.) Football can make any bad day be good!

You are probably wondering how I came to learn all these lessons, so I will give a rundown of my ay yesterday, and why I was unable to post blog posts until today.

It started like most of my lazy days; I rolled out of bed at 9 o'clock, grabbed my phone and laptop, and headed to my parents house (who conveniently live nextdoor to my house). I was in the middle of working on a new blog layout when I received a text from my best friend's mom. She was at the Walgreen's around the corner and needed a ride home. I changed into my white tank top and high-waisted jean shorts; it wasn't a fantastic outfit, but it was a step-up from my red U of A sweatpants and tank top I had been sporting. I took my mom's new Mini-Cooper(note the emphasis) and headed out.

As I was leaving my friend's apartment complex, a white BMW thought it would be awesome to turn left without yielding to oncoming traffic (me) thus causing me to slam on my brakes and scratching the rear of his car (great). The guy was in such a hurry to meet a patient he gave me a card with his info and went inside. My mom insisted I called the cops , so I did, and at this point I was happy that I had made the decision to change into the outfit I was wearing because the sweatpants I had thought of wearing would have been brutal in the AZ sun as I waited 2 hrs for the cop to arrive.

All is well now, but it did make for an interesting morning that prevented me from blogging and tweeting (my two addictions in life). After my eventful morning was over, I had to prep myself for the cardinals pre-season opener! I don't know if I have ever shared this on my blog, but I LOVE football, it is pretty much neck and neck with my love for fashion (which is hard to do). So, I was ecstatic to be going to a game! All and all my friends and family helped turned what was a horrible day into a fun, amazing day!

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