Store Spotlight: Twitch Vintage

by - 8:46 AM

My obsession for vintage/ secondhand clothing never gets old, so I am always searching for new online vintage stores to feauture and share with you all. Like most of the stores I have followed recently, I found this one on Twitter. Twitch Vintage is an ebay store that offers vintage clothing starting from the 50's and spanning to the 80's.

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These are some of my favorite items from Twitch Vintage, but keep in mind that it is an ebay store so if you want a garment you have to get it hwile you can. Most of their garment start at $9.99 and their buy it now price is usually $32

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  1. That looks so cool..... I think I'll check it out :) Thx!

  2. Oh my! Thank you so much! I like that your picks are some of my favorite pieces as well. Those shorts... oh how I will miss those shorts.

  3. You always post the best vintage shops! You have such a great sense of style too..I am so jealous! I'm following you on Bloglovin'!

  4. Robyn: those shorts are my favorite!!!!

    Kendal: I'm glad you like :) I only pick what I love so im glad you enjoy. o and thanks for following