Singing the blues

by - 9:31 AM

On Sunday my friend and I went to our local goodwill and came across an amazing pair of electric blue pumps. Unfortunately, my foot was swimming in the size 9 pair of heels, and I had to force myself to walk away from what I am sure would have been a beloved pair of shoes. Ever since then, I have found myself encountering blue shoes galore making me truly regret not purchasing the pair I found just days ago. I have bookmarked some of my favorites, so I hope enjoy.

Cut-out flats from Forever 21 $16.80

Stiched pump from Charlotte Russe $35.50

Giuseppe Zanotti ankle boots $795

Marisa Linen Espadrilles $130

Steve Madden Pumps $99.95

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  1. OOOhh I have a pair of blue pumps and I wear the hell out of them. Weird too cause when I bought them I thought I wouldn't wear them that much. Next time grab them for me, I'm a 9 ha ha ;D

  2. hahah o i will :) im in love!

  3. Those Giuseppe Zanotti ankle boots are to die for! Don't worry, I'm sure you'll find another pair of amazing blue pumps! I'll keep my eye out for you :)

  4. I love the heels in the 3rd photo!
    blue shoes are cool


  5. blue suede shoes remind me of Elvis, but they are adorable!