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These are some of my personal beauty and styling tips that I use in my everyday routines. They are cheap and easy, which makes life simple. Enjoy!

1.) Baking soda: This seemingly innocent household product is in fact an inexpensive and easy way to whiten your teeth. Simply wet your tooth brush, dip in the baking soda, and brush away. As a warning, it will taste a little gross, but afterwards just rise with mouthwash or go back and brush using toothpaste. Trust me you will see the difference in a couple of weeks.

2.) Hanes v-neck Shirts: I can not tell you how much I love these shirts. You can find them in the guys section at stores like target, walmart, or Hanes online store. They come in packs of five for ten dollars, and the best part is you can wear them with anything.

3.) Use old jeans or pants for shorts: Alright, I love this trick! Last summer, I found myself in the intense heat of AZ without any shorts. I didn't want to go buy new shorts, so I dug through my give-away clothes bag and dug out my old jeans that were too short. I put them on, marked where I wanted my shorts to sit. After I took them off, I took my scissors and cut 1.2" bellow the line i marked and then rolled them up to give a more finished look. Its a free and easy way to turn your old short jeans into stylish jean shorts!

4.) Personalized Necklaces: If you want a cheap, easy way to personalize your jewelry well than head to you local petsmart and create away. Add your name, nickname, a cute phrase and so much more for a cheap, low price.

5.) Belts: If you don't want to spend ridiculous prices on cute belts than head out to your local goodwill and thrift store. Most belts there are around $2 and are super cute and versatile.

♥ Rin

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