Phoenix Fashion Week:Meet the designers

by - 11:01 AM

Thursday night was the meeting of the month for fashion enthusiasts in Arizona! Phoenix Fashion Week put on a beautiful event at the Wrigley Mansion where fashionistas could mix and mingle with the emerging designers and models of October's Phoenix Fashion Week event.

I thought this event would be a prime opportunity to take some street style snapshots of my favorite ensembles for the evening. I'm still a little bit shy when it comes to asking people for their picture. It's hard to be confident when you have your taped up camera and everyone else has their professional ones, but that is something I just have to get over!

All and all, it was a wonderful night filled with some fierce outfits, talented designers, and a whole lot of fun!

You can follow Phoenix Fashion Week on Twitter or visit their Website for more information

One last picture with the friends

Beautiful entrance to the mansion, so I had to take some pictures with the fountains

Beautiful staircase

My friend Taylor with Phoenix Fashion Week's Shakirah Karim (Guest Relations)




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  1. Phoenix Fashion Week looks so much fun! I'm helping organize Fashion Week Nashville and it is so difficult to coordinate a fashion week!

    I'm SO shy about asking people for style photos. I had to do it as part of my internship, and it was the worst part about that internship.

    Glad you are alright after your fender bender!

  2. love the maxi dress!


  3. oh i love your belted maxi! such beautiful colors!

  4. thanks! if your not following already please do! :) your blog is super cute btw

  5. your so lucky! we dont have events like that here,love the dress!

  6. aww where do you live you should get some fellow fashion enthusiasts together and start something up! someone has to be the organizer :) o and follow if you aren't already :)

  7. ireland! yeah youd never know.. yeah i already am:)

  8. Than I saw gather some photographers writters and good organizers yo know and start something! It will take awhile to get it to grow but it would be fun! I can give some advice if your interested you can email me!

  9. Thanks for coming out! I'm sure asking to take pictures will get easier with time.