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Today, readers, I share with you a lovely interview I had with the creator if KLxTL (Kids Living The Life). KLxTL is an online store and blog where followers and fans enter a world where its okay to express yourself through fashion, art, and music. KLxTL wants to bring young people together so the can "live the life" I hope you all enjoy, and follow their blog, store, and on twitter!
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Basics: Fashion & Accessories designer from Los Angeles, owner of KLxTL.com

Location: Los Angeles

-What would you say your personal style is?
I would describe my personal style as simple yet edgy.

-Favorite item you own?
KLxTL's ULTRATRONIK sunglasses in gold.

-What was your motivation/inspiration for starting KLxTL?
Ever since I was young, I wanted to create something that I felt others and I could relate to, as I feel that most of the time, an individuals style is inspired by current trends or just style icons they look up to. I felt that by creating KLxTL, I was able to incorporate those ideas and aspects to create such works, that people would love to wear, best thing of all, they come with affordable prices!

-What are some of the new things we can expect from KLxTL?
A lot of collaborations with various brands/ stores out there. As a matter of fact, thee is a particular vintage store, which I will be doing a sunglasses collaboration with, can't disclose any info yet so keep posted! Also I am working on a current collection of t-shirts & accessories inspired by magazine covers, edgy fashion, and so many other fashion aspects,that I will conglomerate into the collection.

-If you could give your readers one piece of advice, what would it be?
If its whether, they are trying to start a blog or an online store, or whatever it is that they are accomplishing, I'd say to never give up. Be passionate about what you do and be persistent and ambitious. People need to understand that the world is filled with so many critics, you are going to find people that love what you do, and those that hate what you do. But I mean it all makes sense, you wouldn't want to buy some granny looking shoes..or would you? There is an audience for everything.

-Style icon you look up to the most?
I would definitely have to go with Patrick Wolf, as he is able to incorporate and pull off various looks and hairstyles and still look awesome in them.

-What do you do in your free time or for fun?
When I am not designing stuff, I like shopping, bicycling, and spending quality time with friends and family.

-What is your dream job?
i think my dream job would be to be a famous designer for music artists, since I feel that fashion and music have a connection, and I would love to help artists identify their sense of style with their own music.

-Goofy Question- What is the weirdest question or thing someone has said to you?
I remember going to a shopping mall with a friend and while in there a woman approached us and said she was psychic and started saying random statements that were awkward and untrue.

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