Go Green: Military Style

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I love the moments in life (particularly fashion) when you buy something on a whim, for no reason at all, and it happens to be exactly what is in fashion. Confused? Let me explain.

The Inspiration:
Burberry Collection on Style.com

Last year, on one of my many trips to goodwill, I found Military green trench coat. It was only $12, so I bought it having no idea where (or even when) I was going to wear it. Now, Fall 2010 is just around the corner and one of the big trends is army style garb. That one jacket would have been victory enough for me, but last week, as my friend was packing for college she gave me this beautiful military inspired jacket that no longer fit her, which was an even sweeter victory (free). I also had purchased a pair of green high waisted shorts from Last Chance a few months ago because they were $5, but now they are the perfect pair of army bottoms. Here are my Military looks! Hope you enjoy!

This is the amazing jacket I found from Goodwill a year ago. I paired it with a ruffle top I bought from last chance and an old pair of jeans I bought from the limited. The boots (gorgeous right) I found at last chance a few months ago.

This was the free jacket I received from my friend last week. I cannot wait to wear this jacket when the weather cools off! It will edge up any look but still look polished and finished.

I have worn these shorts a few times and usually paired them with a white or black shirt. Rock them with a pair of lace up wedges (on of my must have items for the fall!)

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