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Time for another Blogger feature! I love the blogging world because there are so many other amazing blogs out there filled with great inspiration. We all help each other out, so I think it is important to do these features on some of my favorite bloggers! This week, I am featuring twenty-two year old blogger Hillary Bankz from New York.

Teenage Stray by Ethan James Green

I asked Hillary a few questions on personal style, advice, and her dream job.

Me: "What would you say your own personal style is?"
Hillary: Monochromatic with a little edge, and the necks cut out of every shirt.

Me: "Favorite item you own?"
Hillary: "It's a toss up between my Love Brigade jeans, denim vest, and vintage Guns N' Roses tee."

Me: "Who is your favorite style icon?"
Hillary: " Edie Sedgwick, The Olsen Twins"
Waffles Girls Kitty by Alexander Paul Deronde

Me: "What got you started in blogging?"
Hillary: "I started my first blog in college (well actually in middle school I had a Xanga but that doesn't really count). I wrote mostly about music and fashion and had made the for a class. After that semester I started interning at a blog and my experience grew from there, but I started 'The Bank' in January."

Me: "Favorite Designer"
Hillary: "Rad Hourani"

Me: "Any advice for your readers?"
Hillary: "Comment on my posts! haha just kidding, but really I love talking with you all. In terms of if you want to be a blogger, just write AS MUCH as possible, and take advantage of any experience you can get because obviously the only way to make a name for yourself is by putting your name in as many places as you can."

Me: "Favorite Blogs?"
Hillary: "Jak and Jill, any Swedish Street Style Blog, Dirty Flaws, and I've recently been partial to Tumblrs that post funny pictures and videos"

Me: "Dream Job?"
Hillary: "Getting paid to be me! I'd love to be able to support myself off of my blog but right now that isn't realistic. Ever since I was a little girl I've always wanted to be a personal shopper/stylist."

Native American by Bianca Ghezzi of Cult of Galaxies

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