Before Meets After

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I write a lot about thrift store shopping because I love the feeling of making something out of nothing. Unfortunately, I have come to realize that what I don't share with my readers is how to find the deeper beauty in castaway garments, so here is my new segment: before meets after.


Big, baggy, and bulky: those are the three things that I often find in second hand garments. As most of you know I have been searching for the perfect pair of pants, and I found them at Last Chance for $9.99. Now, they may not seem like much, but with a few simple easy tricks, these pants will be perfect for this fall!

The After:

I did three things to this outfit to make it more modern (and less old ladyish). First, I tucked in a plain white tee; with pants like these, there is no need to have overly ornate tops.

Second, I added a black ribbon to added a little femininity and definition to the waist.

Third, I rolled up the bottom of the pants and added a pair of wedges to give it a bit of ease.

It is the perfect casual outfit to go out in and is much more stylish than sweatpants! Now, its your turn! Go out, be patient, have fun, and try new things!

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  1. oh i love these pants! they look so cute and COMFY!!! xo

  2. Amazing! I thought perhaps you were going to show us alterations, but this is so easy, even I can do it. Welcome to IFB.


  3. Absolutely love the big bow!! I follow you btw

  4. The Black Bow makes it Hunny, I Love what you've done. x x

  5. wow good work!

  6. Cute outfit! I have similar pants that I bought at Kohls. They're super cute and comfy. don't you love a good deal? thanks for stopping by btw.

  7. Neato pants - the perfect non-trackie trackies.

  8. I love your shoes! please check out my blog!