Baubles Galore

by - 9:40 AM

I am always on the search for eclectic "out there" jewelry that stands out from our typical everyday baubles. I was on Nylon's blog last night (check it out if you haven't already) when I discovered two awesome jewelery stores that offer the quirky designs that I have been Yearning for. Alex & Chloe and Tinalilienthal offer designs that will have you standing out from everyone else. I also threw in this adorable necklace from Spotted Moth, which is super cute and affordable!

Alex and Chloe Clothespin Necklace $130

Alex And Chloe Cube Ring $25

Tinalilienthal Rope and bone Bracelet

Tinalilienthal Skull and antlers Necklace 110 Euros

Spotted Moth Measure Tape Heart Necklace $14.99

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