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Who would of thought that goodwill would be the store that re-kindled my love of fashion. On what seemed like any other day, I took my sister, some birthday money, and a whole lot of hope and ventured to Goodwill. Now as most of you know, this is not a store for the faint hearted. It takes persistantce, paitence, and an open-mind. When I arrived, I made my way to the belt section (I can ALWAYS find a good belt here). After scouring all the belts, I had found the perfect skinny, high-waisted belt. I made my way over to the shoes where I stumbled upon a pair of brown hiking boots for, get this, $5. Next, I tackled the shorts section. Goodwill is notorious for have old-school and "out dated" clothing, but that's exactly what I wanted. I wandered across a pair of light colored, high-waisted jean shorts. Success. That was exactly what I had gone there to find, and it seemed like today would be my lucky day. I was then able to find three shirts that were both comfortable as well as stylish.

As I made my way to the checkout station, I couldn't help but wonder how much I had spent. The cashier rang up each item and then read me the total:$22. I had just purchased seven items and only spent $22; I couldn't believe it. I expressed my love of Goodwill to the cashier, and I am sure she thought I was a little bit crazy, but I don't think she realized how satisfied I felt. There is no greater feeling in the world than knowing you have found good deal!

Now, when you feel like today might be the day you find that shirt or pair of shoes you have been looking for, I urge you to go to your local goodwill first. You might just be surprised at what you can find.

♥ Rin

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