Shopping List

by - 9:09 AM

With Fall right around the corner, it is time for fashion lovers across the country to purge themselves of outdated items and make room for the new trends of Fall 2010. After reviewing the Fall runway shows, I have created a shopping list of the top trends that should live in my wardrobe.

Shoping List
-High waisted shorts
- Strapped heels
-Bright color heels
-Leather shoulder bag
-corset like top
- Asymetrical top
-Dresses (50's inspired)
- Loose fitting jackets
- Jewelry inspired by animals (snakes, beets, birds, etc)
-Cuff bracelets

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  1. love the jewelry you featured in this post!! animal pieces are my favorite, too

    also saw you featured on CONGRATS

    lots of love XOXO

  2. thanks!! follow if you like :)