Room Redo: Costal Style

by - 8:38 AM

My older sister just recently moved out of our two bedroom house to go party it up in LA (not really but she is having fun), and she left me with an empty dark pink room (kind of like a rasberry color). While I have nothing against pink, it can become overwhelming. This spare room has become my office/ guest room, so i want a more calming and universally accepted design. I have always been interested in interior design (I almost majored in it), so I enjoy painting, designing, and rearraning my house.
My best friend is spending her summer on the East Cost, and she has posted some beautiful pictures from her many bike rides in town. I want to use her pictures as my inspiration for my room redo. I have found some objects that I have found online that kind of embody that coastal style that I am trying to achieve. Here are some pictures of some aspects I want to incorprate into my room.

O and follow my friends blog to follow her summertime adventures in Provincetown, MA:

Light Blue paint for the walls to give it a calm, relaxing feel

I am obsessed with black board paint! great way to have an interactive creative outlet in your room♥

Inspiration picture from my friend's trip

♥ this paper wreath

Driftwood display

This old cracked bookcase gives it kind of a drift wood feel

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  1. I also like interior design and let me tell you all of this ideas are great, good luck with that, and have fun :D

  2. Those design ideas are so unique, I can imagine how personal and cool your room is going to look!! ;) Will you post pictures when you're done?

  3. Thanks for the shout-out girl! I saw this amazing magazine mirror in a store the other day and it made me think of you. Here is the link to one in Amazon:

    Enjoy :)