Project Runway: Make It Work

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Today is the season premiere of Project Runway on Lifetime. It's hard to believe that 8 seasons ago, I tuned into the series premiere of what then was a budding new reality T.V show on Bravo. Who would have known that the show would become the worldwide phenomenon that it is today.

The future of this wonderful show was up in the air 3 seasons ago when word got out that the would be moving networks from reality gold station, Bravo, to television for women station, Lifetime. There were also whispers that the show would be moving to its new location (LA) without the viewers' (and frankly everyone's)favorite mentor Tim Gunn. Fan's across the country were going to miss Tim's classic sayings like "make it work" and many more. But, Luckily, fans were ecstatic to hear that Tim would not only be there the season premiere but for many more seasons to come.

For those who haven't watched the new seasons on Lifetime, I highly recommend you do. For some reason it seems that the judges decisions more reflect what the rest of the country is thinking, and they don't keep drama ridden people (unless they are legitimately good designers)

In Honor of the new season, I posted some pictures and stories of my run-ins with some of the project runway stars. Please do not judge one, because I had a horrific sense of style back in high school (hair included), and two, I had a horribly time keeping my eyes open when the flash was on. I hope you enjoy and tune in to the new season of Project Runway at 9pm eastern.

Group Shot

My sophmore year in high school I had the great pleasure of meeting Nick Verreos. Me and 3 other friends had created our own little project runway viewing group, so when we heard of his arrival, we hoped in the car and headed out. He is truly a wonderful person who is so nice. It was a pleasure meeting him!

This was at the beginning of my junior in high school. I bought his new book and he signed it and took a picture with me and some of my classmates from school. (I'm sorry about the quality I had to scan this picture in).

I had another encounter with Tim Gunn a few months ago at a Tim Gunn fashion show (the very same one i had attended my junior year). Because I was working backstage, I did not have the opportunity to used my own camera to take pictures, and I was never able to find out how to get the picture from the photographer that took, but Tim was so nice and exactly as you see him on TV. It was a pleasure meeting him and working with him!

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  1. I can't wait for Project Runway tonight!! Sooooo jealous that you met Tim Gunn! :)

  2. WOAH. my level of jealousy just exploded