Plum for Polly

by - 3:28 PM

Okay people! This website is amazing! Thanks to the lovely world of Twitter (a new found addiction of mine) I came across a tweet by Plumforpolly (follow!), and on her page there was a link to her wonderful website that features items from various brands and designers. My fellow readers, I don't know how I didn't know this website existed. Every item of clothing and accessory pretty much embodied my personal style. I bookmarked a few of favorites to share with you. Plum for Polly's website is "" Please, Please, Please check it out! There are some really cute stuff that is very unique! Gift Certificates are available as gifts as well as many other products so go check it out!

Connect with Plum for Polly on facebook, Twitter, and on her blog. All which are linked to on her website.

One shoulder Romper $29.50

Stipped Boyfried Tee &19.50 ♥ Rin pick!

Knotted leather ring $14.00 ♥ Rin pick!

Striped Clutch $48.00

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  1. Thanks doll! We might share a similar style cause I only pick things I love and I would wear...Thanks so much for the props!

  2. AHHH I love all these cheap&chic finds!

    I'll most be definitely checking out Plum for Polly!

    You are such a sweet blogger!!


  3. I'm proud to post stuff about awesome websites like this :) i love to share my awesome finds. Why hide what we love? haha

  4. I just bought and donned the off the shoulder romper (along with everything else AUDREY on the site) It’s like having a personal shopper... LOVE IT! :)