Nasty Gal

by - 6:13 PM

Created in 2006, NastyGal offers both vintage and modern designer clothing and accessories. Their VIntage clothing is handpicked and tailored to each season's tremds and looks. Their location in San Fransisco gives them easy access to popular vintage stores and designer stores. This is the type of store for people who love to play dress up and express their personality. I have sifted through and found some of my absolute favorites! But you can check the out on their website (, follow them on twitter @thenastygal, and on their lookbook (all are linked to on their website). As usual here are my favorite pieces!

Drape shorts $38

Bayfield Zip Jacket $88

Aysmetrical Dress $48

Stroke of Gold dress $98

Studded Laptop Case $98
(where was this when i was shopping for a laptop case?)

Leonard Paris Graffitti glasses $100

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