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Happy Friday!
Since its the end of the week, I thought it would be nice if I posted my favorite look of the moment. Especially during the summer, comfort is a necessity, and that even translate to hair. A very popular hair style we are seeing on the runway is the messy side braid. It is a very relaxed and laid back look, but keep in mind this look is mostly for people with longer hair.

Here are some quick and easy steps to achieve this look:

1.) When you get out of the shower, part your hair on the side. For me, I part mine from right to left.
2.) Add some gel or sculptor to it (especially if you have layers) this will keep it from looking too messy. Be sure you don't over do it because then it becomes too hard to work with.
3.)You can either braid your hair when its wet or dry it is up to you; however i prefer to do mine while its damp.
4.) You gather your hair from whichever side you parted your hair and bring it to the other (my braid is on the left side because i parted from the right.
5.) You separate your hair into three parts and begin braiding. Be sure to keep it loose and not too controlled because that is the point of the whole look.
6.) When you are done, take a small rubber band and tie it at the end.
7.) Put some hair spray on your braid if you need some ply aways to look a little more controlled.
8.) bobby pin any pieces of hair you think distract from the look and voila you are done!

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