"Life is full of risks, why not take them?" -Lindsay Lohan

by - 12:54 PM

Well, if ending up in jail is what happens if i take risks Lindsay, I think I will refrain. Personally, orange is a color that has never suited me, so I don't think the neon,orange jumpsuit is something I ever want to work in the future. However; orange is a color that is sweeping the runways this fall. Several designers used the color on their runways, and with many celebritites having run-ins with the law, we can't help but wonder if this is influencing the fashion world. Zac Posen, Nanette Lepore, and Valentino are some of the collections that showcased orange as one of their colors for the fall.

Now, I would like to hope that these colors are of no result to Lohan and her many indesgretions, but pop culture has a huge influence on the social world as well as the fashion world. Either way, this eletric orange color is something we will see on the clothing from stars strutting the red carpet and the halls of California's jail cells.

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  1. i really enjoyed this entry! definitely witty. i think i'll give the lohan motto a shot haha but hopefully it wont end with a mug shot! ;)