Lazy Day

by - 9:31 PM

There is nothing like a relaxing Sunday to keep me calm. I often find myself getting wrapped up in the knitty gritty stuff in the world, and sometimes I just forget to take a step back and live in the moment. Sundays always seem to be the day I remember to do that. After a crazy week of school, house sitting, and chores, I was finally able to take second to let the beauty from my previous week seep in. A part from the whole school and work aspect, I had what most people would deem an amazing week. That greatness is continuing,now, even as i write this.

I woke up early this fine Sunday morning to the blaring sun of Arizona, and while that usually would be an unsettling alarm clock, I seemed to embrace it quite easily today. I booted up my laptop and started my daily blogging and tweeting whilst drinking my favorite morning beverage: coffee. The rest of my day consisted of be surrounded by the very thing I love: fashion. My closet received a deep cleaning to make way for the copious amount of new clothing I have been purchasing. Every shirt, skirt, dress, and shorts in my closest some how made it into my dress up time. And for those of you who don't know me, I am incredibly indecisive and often find myself trying many outfits on in front of my mirror. I even created my own dress-up room in my house (although I gave it the label of guest bedroom) As this week (and weekend) come to a close I would like to post some of my favorite things I encountered.

My mom's stunning Coach Shoes ♥

This old bookcase I desperately want in my spare room

Asymmetrical blouse from net-a-porter's website

This fresh nail color (Sally Hansen: Mint Sprint)

Florence and the Machine ♥

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