Lace it Up

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A couple of weeks ago, I went searching on Net-a-porter's website for inspiration for new outfits only to find myself drooling over a pair of Chloe lace up platform boots. Since then, I have been determined to find my very own pair. I scourred many websites hoping to find a cheaper alternative, but I still found my options way out of my price range (I am a bargin shopper at heart).

Needless to say, yesterday morning, I found myself in my morning accessories class with the intense desire to visit Last Chance. For those of you who don't know, Last Chance is a discount store for Nordstrom. Very similar to Nordstrom's rack but with better deals. After class, I made my way over there to find some basic tees (which i did for $1 a piece). But, as it always seems to happen with me, I found myself in the shoe section where all boots were 40% off. And there they were, in the size 7 1/2 section, the perfect pair of lace up boots (and it purple too!).

I am going to post some of my favorite lace up booties including the pair I got and my orginal inspiration. Enjoy!

My lovely lace up boots!

My orginal inspiration
Chloe lace-ups $850 found on

Cannistraro Platform $100 from

Sam Eldeman Lace-up SHoes $198 on

Jeffery Campbell Platform Shoes $110. Can be found on

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