Cuff Me

by - 8:28 AM

Big bold cuffs were the accessory statement this fall and boy am I happy. As much as I loved the bangle look, they never seemed to fit on my twig of a wrist; cuffs, however, will never slip and slide. We are seeing wide cuffs as well as cut out cuffs, and they are an easy way to add some spice to an outfit. As usual I have sifted through and picked out some of my favorites. Keep in mind most of these are jumping points for you to find cheaper alternatives. I don't really expect you to spend $200 on a bracelet. So take these inspirations and Enjoy!

R&Y Augousti cuffs $275 (found on

Wing Cuff from forever 21 $5.80

Leather cuff $15 on

Merely for inspiration this Aurelie Riderman Spider Cuff was found on Net-a-Porter's website

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  1. I agree! I love bold cuffs. They can add so much to an outfit. Love ur blog. Please check mines out thanks :D

  2. if you arent following you should :) i will follow ur too

  3. Bracelets make me so happy!!! I love that spider bracelet! I will now be stalking forever until they knock off the spider web cuff!!