by - 10:20 AM

Dear Readers,

Its funny how life has a plan that we aren't even ready for. It can take us all over and bring us to all sorts of new and different people, but one thing is certain, in the end, if you go where this force is taking you, you will be unbelievably happy. Our world, as large as it is, offers so much inspiration to us. No matter what you do, who you meet, or what you see, there is something to be learned; something you can take away. With any art form, it is important to have inspiration. It can be anything from the color of the rust of a nail to a beautiful Italian backdrop. We all have pretty fascinating imaginations, but all those idea had to come from somewhere, and the answer is that they all came from the world around us. So my advice not only to artists but to everyone out there reading this (the very few) is to take in everything you see and go create something. paint a room and redesign it, paint something, design something, anything just get out there and create because I can guarantee you will feel the satisfaction i do.


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