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Dear Readers,

I have had some crazy ambitions when it comes to my future, but the one thing that has been and always will be apart of my dreams is owning my own store. In my visual Techniques class, we were asked to brainstorm different store concepts in a group. For once, luck was on my side. Not only was I given a group who had similar likes as me, I was also given a group who had creative ideas. Together, we came up with our store: Badfish. The idea was to infuse our love for music and fashion into one store. We would have records and cds as well as vintage clothing all at an affordable price. Honestly, I think this store has amazing potential especially in a society where art is starting to finally reign supreme. Young adults are being to use music as well as visual arts to express their feelings and fashion is another way of expressing one's self.

Tomorrow, we will be sketching window displays for our stores, and as soon as we are done, I will put up pictures so all of you readers can see what this store will hopefully one day look like.


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