Dear Readers

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Dear Readers,

Seeing that this is my first post, I see it fit to give you all a little background about myself and why I started this blog. Fashion is an intense, passionate industry filled with determined individuals. Most importantly, fashion is a dream world. It is fashion that allow nobodies to become somebodies. It is fashion that produces shows based entirely on fantasies. And, it is fashion that has stolen my heart. Ever since i was a kid, I used my clothing to express myself, and I often had to do it on a budget. The changing times have called upon us to be thriftier shoppers. So, here we are. My blog, Blush, is centered around the idea of recycled (and affordable) clothing. You would be surprised how many people do not know how to find good second-hand looks. What I have found is that people don't see the potential in an old outfit. It is being able to see how you can re-work a garment, and that is why i am here. I will offer tips and tricks to re-vamp thrift store finds and make them fit the trends different seasons have to offer. So come, take a leap into the world of dreams and fantasies.

Live. Laugh. Recycle

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  1. Can't wait to get some good tips on re-working my outfits! By the way, last week i picked up a few GREAT finds a GW's! and i never spent more than $10 on any single item! Deals are seriously magic! My outfits always feel so much cuter when i know that i dont have to go without groceries because i bought new clothes haha
    love the blog girl
    can't wait to see where it goes!