The art of vintage

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vintage dress- buffalo exchange
Alright readers,
If I had to give just one piece of advice about fashion, it would be always take risks. Never be afraid to push the boundries or try the unexpected because the unexpected is what keeps fashion exhilirating. That is why I love shopping for vintage clothing. Finding vintage clothes is an art all on its own. First of all, you have to be willing to try anything on. The thing about second-hand (vintage) garments is that they were made in a different time, which means what fit was "in fashion" then is not nessacarily "in fashion" now. The difficult part, however, comes after you have tried the garment on. Vintage garments tend to fit more loosely in the waist, so it is important that you find a way to excenuate the waist. I often do this by using a belt. Usually, this solves the problem, but there will be sometimes where additonal sewing will need to take place. So, next time your in a vintage store or an antique store, keep you mind open, and trust me the clothing will just appear. When you close your mind, you don't see the full picture, and that is what creates the feel of an entire look.

Live. Love. Recycle

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